Box Tops

Box Tops are an easy way to raise money for the school at no cost to you. Each Box Top is worth $0.10.  That may not sound like much, but it adds up FAST! 

Box Tops are found on hundreds of different items that you might already be buying. Look for them on products like General Mills cereal, Ziploc bags, Hefty products, and Lysol cleaning products.

There are now two kinds of Box Tops: the classic kind that you cut out and the new kind where you scan your receipt. You can also email receipts from online grocery orders.

Classic Box Tops

  1. Clip the Box Tops from the package.  It doesn’t have to be perfectly trimmed.  Just make sure the expiration date is showing!
  2. Place your Box Tops in a plastic baggie with your student’s and teacher’s name on it.  You don’t need to tape them to paper.
  3. Send the Box Tops to school with your child. You can send them in any time. We will collect them until it’s time to redeem them.

New Box Tops

With the new Box Tops, there’s no more clipping!

  1. Download the Box Tops app and sign up
  2. Scan your receipt when you buy items with the new Box Tops.
  3. Be sure to give your student credit.

And that’s it!

Buying Groceries Online

Buying your groceries online? No problem! You can forward your email receipt to get credit that way!

  1. Create a Box Tops account
  2. Forward your email grocery receipt to Be sure to send from the email account you used for your Box Tops account to get credit!

No matter which kind of Box Tops you find, you can earn money for our school!