What is the PTO?

Have you ever wondered, what exactly IS the PTO?

PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization, but what does that really mean?  You might have a mental image of people organizing fundraisers, and that’s part of it.  Did you know that the PTO

  • Develops activities that promote fun and beneficial events for the school and community
  • Helps communicate important school and community information to families
  • Raises money to support specific needs or wants for the school (such as new sound system, interactive activities, water fountains, etc.)
  • Tracks local, state and national policies, so we can be advocates
  • Support teachers and staff members who dedicate their days to our children

And THAT means that in the 2018-2019 school year, the Trace Crossings PTO

Last year, the TCES PTO was able to pay for new water fountains/water bottle fillers in the school, art room furniture, and a sound system for the gym.  In addition, every year, the PTO provides funds to the principal, counselor, art teacher, music teacher, librarian, and PE staff to be used at their discretion for the good of the students.

When you pay your child’s school fees on MySchoolFees, you might notice an optional PTO Donation.  When you donate to the PTO – or participate in a fundraiser like the coin drive or spirit night – you are directly helping the school with improvements big and small!